Hi, I’m Sebastián Martínez

A product designer committed to make the world easier to use.

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Monkop Test Cloud

Roles: Direction, Design, Artwork, Product

Illustration: Leandro Bustamente

Monkop is a Test Cloud, it attempts to install and test mobile applications in real devices in order to improve its quality before being released to the market. My role as a design manager involved the making of the product, branding, UX/UI, including marketing pieces, events and talks.
It was one of the most complete, entertaining products which I was proud to work in.

Roles: Direction, Design, Product

Agency: Rootstrap

This fantastic agency contacted me to create a concept for a music application. The idea was to keep the app simple, consistent and visually stunning.

The design makes good use of the typography, colors, and artwork of artists' albums.

Roles: Direction, Design, Product

Code: Pablo Epíscopo

This was a simple idea which emerged from a specific need. Communicating while working in a large project involving many people can be a difficult task. Slack is a great tool, but it is difficult to send audios dynamically and efficiently. When typing is not an option, Recordify is a great recorder tool to communicate among teams.

Roles: Direction, Design

Coder: Ignacio Toledo

A great friend, but also a great developer who is part of the stackoverflow team, invited me to collaborate on his new web platform.
The design is simple and bold, focused on the content.

CRM Gamified

Roles: Direction, Design

Code: UruIT

I was called by of one of the leading local software developing companies to work in the design of a CRM. The main objective was to make them more entertaining and with a dose of gamification, to improve user engagement. The result was a colorful, customizable product, with an amount of significant challenges for the users. It is currently used in franchises as the NBA, NFL and others.

Roles: Design, 3d Modeler, Researcher

Responsable: Antel, Udelar

My background as industrial designer forces me to maintain a natural balance between the digital world, its interfaces and the ones from the real world. Antelsat was a project with major challenges regarding interface and creative solutions, aiming to send the first Uruguayan satellite into orbit.
During this process I learnt a lot about software, design, mechanics and physics.

Roles: Direction, Design

Code: Cupshop

This app contains the best deals and offers by brand and company.
It is meant to be fun and customizable for every company or discounts provider and user friendly.

Roles: Direction, Design, Researcher

Code: Nettra

Lumos belongs to a company which has a wide portfolio of innovative projects, some of which I was glad to participate in.
It is a product that, based on company-provided standards,  presents real time data of different nodes, such as weather stations, water wells, etc. This products involve team work, assigning tasks, follow-up and report of alarms.

Roles: Designer, Maker

Partner: Alejandro Ledesma

Publicación: Cava Privada

Vid is a wine rack designed from carpentry scraps which is approximately 25x25 cm. We wanted to achieve a product that respects the basic conditions of wine stacking, while having a strong decorative quality that respects and enhances the qualities that surround the environment of wine lovers. The rack is built by curved wood sheets which combined together create a whole.It should be placed by a wall, leaving a space in order to play with negative spaces and figures that allow us to appreciate its three-dimensionality.

Abstracta Academy

Roles: Direction, Design

Code: Alejandra Huertas, Sebastián Martínez

The leading company in testing and creators of Monkop, among others regarding continuous improvement of software development, hired me to work on a project about training and promotion of software testing. The result is a web site with a striking visual language, based on colors, gradients and patterns, which define the different study areas and their levels of complexity.

Roles: Direction, Design, Product

Material: Playwood

This is a project which was conceived while I was still a student but was only later eventually came to life
It is a wooden toy set which aims to develop the motor and cognitive skills as well as corporal expression of children aged 3 to 5.
A real jigsaw puzzle, with 3 dimensions, that once it is assembled it becomes a fun vehicle or a rocking chair.

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